Thursday, December 01, 2005

Disclaimer: December 2005

No, I think that this blog has a long way to go before it can be considered a good source of reading. It has its hits right now, but it's still got its misses.

It may not be immediately obvious, but writing original blog entries isn't exactly an effortless endeavor. I perform bits of research, spend hours selecting the right words, and proofread everything just to present each article to an audience who may or may not appreciate it. I even go as far as to assure people that everything here is original except where noted, and I'll always cite external sources wherever they lie.

Just because a certain article on this blog fits your personal taste, assignment, project or thesis perfectly doesn't mean that you can automatically use it. These writings are wide open for public consumption, but there's a big difference between reading something and appropriating it for your own use. Big, big difference there.

Now, if you would take the time to just ask, then that would be a lot better. I like people who have enough sense to ask permission; A lot of people do, I think. You're likely to get what you want that way, and all it'll require is a small amount of your patience.

If you decide to just up and steal my stuff, though, then that's when I'd start shaking my head and muttering the occasional silent epithet. I feel that each and every man has the capability to produce their own completely original masterpieces in one way or another. By choosing to just take other people's stuff as opposed to creating them on your own, you indicate that you're too darn lazy to achieve your own little bit of greatness.

That makes me sad. It's a sad, sad, sad situation there. Why ya gotta do dis ta yousself, Johnny? You know I've been real good to ya.

Of course, after the moment of sadness passes, then that's when I go to the corner and grab my baseball bat. If you're going to steal something from here and pass it off as your own work, after all, then you might as well have every single drop of blood, toil, tears and sweat that I put into it. And believe me, I'm going to thoroughly enjoy giving you every last bit.

That, and it would make for a nice story, too.

Ain't violence sexy sometimes?

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