Monday, February 20, 2006


I'll be on hiatus for a week or so, most likely. I don't think I came up with a particularly good entry for the Draconian Anthology last time, so I'm going to try to clear my mind a bit before I write something for the Fully Booked contest.

Yes, I'm aware that the deadline's a week away. That's why I'm sitting down, calmly pecking at the keyboard, and trying desperately not to panic.

What I most fear at this point is that I'll end up with a lemon again. And if that happens, then will that imply that my writing skills have become a lot more random as of late? Will it mean that I continually churn out average stories with the odd hidden gem every now and then? Will it mean that I still have a lot farther to reach when it comes to that penultimate goal, that scourge of hacks, that finality of fiction as a whole?

The more I think of it, the more I start to believe that it's not the money I'm after. I probably join contests because I want to reassure myself. I want to see if I can still swing that bat when the bottom of the ninth comes up and the bases are loaded. In a sense, it becomes a very, very personal thing.

So I'll be at the keyboard if you need me. Maybe I'll be online and maybe I won't, but at the moment, I just want to take down this beast of a deadline before my time runs out.

That's not to say that I don't have plans afterwards. I do have plans, yes, and in fact, they were stunted by the weeks of preparation for the contest itself.

If I don't write anything on any of the following topics within the next few months or so, please feel free to write up a comment and bother me:

- A list of mean-spirited tips for enthusiastic job-seekers. (Something that's more of a "Dos and Don'ts" than anything else.)

- A weekly feature article. (I'm taking suggestions for this one. Any ideas?)

- Antaria fiction. (Yeah, this one really suffered from the sudden spate of writing contests.)

- The Weirdest Job Hunt Stories You've Ever Heard. (It's graduation season, people. Head for the hills!)


Wish me luck, everyone. I've got a score of writing tasks coming...


banzai cat said...

Hehe I know what you mean about pressure.

Play ball, Sean! ;-)

Ferdz said...

Am sure you can pull this off. Good luck on your entry!