Monday, June 26, 2006

Exeunt Omnes

I'm sitting in an internet café right now, having just gathered the last of my belongings from the office. These aren't personal knickknacks like toothbrushes and stuffed toys, mind you. These are items that were conceived and born in the workplace -- things that I'd rather take home because they hold some sentimental value. For some reason, they all seem to fit inside a short brown envelope.


- An ashcan-type comic book, created as a pseudo-hobby of one of the previous staff members.

- A parody L5R comic, illustrated by the same staff member. (He's a creative sort.)

- A collection of plastic forks, evidence of my typical Cup Noodle lunches.

- A coaster from Australia, a memento of my boss's last vacation. (Why I don't have any mementos from my previous vacations, I don't know.)

- A Nokia lanyard that doesn't attach to anything.

- A leather picture frame from the earliest satisfied client I ever had. (It's five years old, ladies and gentlemen. I'm either that good, or that old.)

- Various notes on Antaria characters, most of which were born and built during periods of ennui.

- About thirty pages' worth of office doodles. You know you've been working for a long time when it takes you about an hour to sort through your idle scribblings alone.

- Around eighty pesos in five- and ten-centavo coins. When we got bored, we got bored.

- A condom. (Yes, my office is weird.)


kat said...

Though I'm technically still in the same company, I've accumulated so much stuff that everytime we move floors, I have to go through everything. I have about as much as doodles as you, even some with ink and color. Although I consider that an achievement. :)

Now, I'd rather not have anything so it'll be easier to move, but it's easier said than done.

Sean said...

Kat: I echo that sentiment. There are so many things that we really should let go, but that we end up retaining simply because we figure that we still need them in one way or another. Or that we simply can't imagine a situation where we don't have them readily available. Or something...

banzai cat said...

Heh. When you mentioned 'bout that condom in your office, my first thought wasn't that it was weird. ;)

Sean said...

Banzai Cat: For the record, it was an unused condom -- the result of an office prank that took place around five years ago when I was still relatively new at the company.

And also for the record: About two minutes after I finished writing this entry, I asked myself why I was carrying around a five-year-old condom, and promptly threw it away.