Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Disclaimer: May 2007

TAKEST THOU THESE ten commandments and go forth in my name, that ye shall inspire men to write their own words.

I. I AM SEAN, he who writes this weblog. Thou shalt not assume that these articles have been written by others besides me; All that thou sight here is completely original, save for those precious few allusions to others.

II. THOU SHALT NOT use my name in vain. While thou may take what I write and hold it close to thine heart, thou must ensure that thine acquisition of my words remain fair and within original context. Thou shalt contact me prior to any such use.

III. REMEMBER TO KEEP thine words proper. I may easily choose to disallow thine use of my work, should thou intend it for unworthy, uninformed, or disreputable purposes.

IV. HONOR THE WORD of others as I do. I hold profound respect for other writers and sources; Thou shalt note that I make clear reference and acknowledgement to them when needed.

V. THOU SHALT NOT kill the intent of the writing. Should thou own an excerpt of text that appears on this weblog and wish to complain, we may meet and discuss thine demands for my use of your work just as well.

VI. THOU SHALT NOT adulterate my works with those of others, nor shalt thou adulterate others' works with my own.

VII. THOU SHALT NOT STEAL. Plagiarism is stealing, whether thou observe it being done to blogs, or books, or works of art.

VIII. THOU SHALT NOT bear false witness against thine parents, teachers, editors, managers or readers by passing these words as thine own.

IX. THOU SHALT NOT covet these words, nor the ideas that write them. Thou art perfectly capable of forming thine own words and ideas, should thou be willing to work for them.

X. THOU SHALT NOT covet these articles, nor these pieces of fiction, nor these examinations of the human conscience. Thou shalt read the terms of the Creative Commons License below and to the right, and find out more.



kyutbabe said...
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kyutbabe said...

Belated Happy Bday Sean! :)

Sean said...

Kyutbabe: Thanks. :)