Saturday, June 14, 2008

Shameless Plug

So Sony Philippines has this new marketing promo, you see -- it's rolling out a new line of colored Vaio laptops in an effort to get the younger audience interested in its C Series. Now, the Sony Vaio has always been plenty attractive in my book -- I mean, it's practically representative of the sleek, streamlined look of modern technology -- but if there's anything that will get our attention, it's a series of of laptops in cute pastel colors. Oooooh, shiny.

But I'm not here to plug the Vaio. I'm actually here to mention that my brother, Jon Kevin, is in the running as a "face" model for the Vaio rollout. And apparently, the finals involve an online vote as one of the judging components.

You see, Sony is releasing its Vaio line in five colors, and has assigned a complementary "profile" for each one. As a result, you now have a White Vaio for "elegant" users, a Red Vaio for "sexy" users, a Black Vaio for "power" users, and a Pink Vaio for people who like doing their best Elle Woods impression. You also have a Blue Vaio for "stylish" users, and it's under this color that my brother's trying his best to look good.

Ironically, Kevin does look good. He focuses on his personal style a lot more than I do, and I'm glad to say that I have more than a few "blackmail" anecdotes on the number of people who crush on him. :)

Kidding aside, I bring this up because he also happens to be a very articulate person. I make no secret of the fact that I am far and away the better writer (you can stop laughing now), but Kevin is definitely the better speaker among the two of us. He has experience running seminars, he acts as a freelance speaker for corporate events, and he even taught kindergarten classes at one point. He's also a lot more outgoing than I am, which will probably be an important requirement for the Vaio rollout. In fact, this is precisely why I figure that he would be a really good choice -- not only would he probably look good as a "face" for the "stylish" Blue Vaio, but he could easily discuss and promote the product in an articulate manner.

And if you haven't been convinced as of yet, there's also the consideration that he's on local TV at the moment. Yes, he shows up on a program called The Sweet Life on QTV, dispensing advice on love and relationships. He's been appearing for about six months now, and every now and then he takes over the computer to answer relationship concerns that are sent to him via e-mail.

Come to think of it, he even has a repository for his photos and event descriptions. You need to have a Multiply account to have a look, though.

I've already posted my vote for him, of course. Whether you give Jon Kevin a vote as well just happens to be your choice. I'm just saying that I believe him to be a good option for all the reasons stated above -- so do drop by the site and give him a break.

And yes, Sony decided to go ahead and misspell his name as of this writing. I've had the gleefully interesting task of letting him know, and I'm sure that wherever he is, he's probably laughing it off right now.


jeff reiji said...

You're such a stage kuya. =)

Sean said...

Reiji: Heck, no; Whatever my brother chooses to do with the job is his business. We're in different worlds here... I sit in front of a computer screen and write short stories for an emerging genre; and he hobnobs with screaming groupies, nubile young starlets and famous celebrities.




Darn it, I knew I was in the wrong profession. :)

Dominique said...

But when are they coming out with a color for nerds?

Sean said...

Dominique: I thought nerds were above such petty things as color. :)