Friday, July 04, 2008

Disclaimer: July 2008

The effort to write
Is sometimes a thankless task;
Thoughts are shared with all.

All thoughts are power
And all memory a dream
The screen is a slate.

Because words are free
Some men seek to read and steal
Work finished and lost.

I write that which shines
On paper that is not there
For eyes that can see.

Should you find your work
In brittle paths where I tread
And feel this is wrong,

You must tell me this,
That I may recross roads, and
Put things as they should.

And right here you must
Enter a promise with me
You must read, not steal.

But you are welcome
To clutch these words to your heart
And bring them to light...

...So long as you ask.
I seek no money nor pay
Beyond simple link.

Should these verses
Fall outside your greater sense,
There lies more detail;

License of Commons
Flits thoughtfully on sidebar
Where it waits for you.

And if you ask me
What I learned from this post, note:
"Writing haiku is hard."

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