Thursday, December 25, 2008

Phat Lewtz

I'm headed to Singapore in a few hours, so this will probably be my last post for a couple of days. Seeing that the Christmas presents that I receive each year always make for a wonderful, wild and woolly assortment, I feel compelled to describe the madness that was waiting under the tree earlier this evening.

I'll ignore the usual stuff this year; every year there's usually somebody who gives me a shirt of some sort, and maybe a Parker ballpen (the last resort of the uncreative). This year, however, I got off easy — while I did get the expected shirt, it was of a color and design that was entirely wearable. Apart from that, there was a Scrabble dice game waiting for me, a pair of pajamas, some soap, a supply of chili-flavored sardines, and a belt with a copper crocodile etched on the buckle.

Those, in case you were wondering, were the mundane gifts. I've saved the most remarkable ones for your reading pleasure:

The Good: One of my best friends decided to give me a chess set. That alone should have been cause for celebration... but on top of that, it's a chess set made of hand-carved glass. With individually-stored pieces. In its own styrofoam packaging.

I'm extremely giddy about the possibility of displaying it on a coffee table somewhere, and actually playing a few games. I do have a couple of other chess sets around the house, but this is the first time I've owned something that implies a certain level of classiness and luxury with regards to my gaming hobbies. Do I need any other excuse to feel happy about owning one?

The Bad: I received a nice little office set from an acquaintance, which includes a little pencil holder, a handy refillable sheet of post-it notes, and a storage bin for paper clips. It also comes with a printed calendar, which would have been nice if it weren't for the fact that the dates are completely wrong. Yes, I do appreciate the gift — but it is kind of a downer that somebody would design a calendar that doesn't work.

The Weird: My siblings game me a cow. Unfortunately, no, it's not a stuffed toy... rather, it's a plastic cow bank where I can store my loose change.

Did I mention that it's about two feet wide, one foot square, and scares the living daylights out of my beanbag pikachu? I hate to imagine how I'm supposed to cart it around once it's full.

Oh, and did I mention that it moos whenever I put a coin into the slot?

Yes, that's right — it moos whenever I put a coin into the slot. We tried it out mere minutes after I opened the box. My sister took pictures. I will post them once I get my grubby little hands on her camera.

An hour after we finished opening our presents, I brought mine upstairs and started emptying my container of coins into the massive bovine. And for one moment just before midnight, the hills came alive with the sound of moosic.

I like the gift, mind you... it caters perfectly to my sense of humor, and I can show it around to people just so that they can get a good laugh. But for goodness' sakes, where am I supposed to put it? How many coins am I likely to feed it before I get completely sick of its audio mechanism? And how long will it be before the neighbors become quite unsettled with the incessant cow sounds?

Ah, well. It's Christmas anyway; they can afford to be generous.



Charo Nuguid said...

Cow bank! Me want that cow bank! Where'd they get it? :D

Sean said...

They tell me that they picked it up from Clipper in Greenbelt 1. Having passed by the place before, I get the feeling that they've got more stuff there than mere cow banks.

Anonymous said...

I want one! :P Hehehe.

Don't blame your siblings though, it's hard to give gifts to an older brother. Er... This is me being guilty for having no idea what to give my older brother and ended up giving him the Jollibee stuffed toy.

Maybe moosical toys are popular, because my sister gave us (as in, the family) a toy pig that you put in the refrigerator and it oinks whenever you open it. :P

Sean said...

Ida: With all the subtle hints they were giving me, I was actually anticipating a stuffed cow. It would have made a great addition to my collection. :)

And there's a pig that does that to refrigerators now? Aren't there more practical things that one can put in the fridge or something? :)