Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hey Hey, It's Your Birthday

No, things aren't too good on my side just yet.

For instance, I spent a solid two months telling myself that a certain birthday was coming up this January. At that point, one day after that birthday had passed, I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to remember the date, after which I spent the next ten minutes banging my head on the wall.

To be fair, that birthday came in the middle of a two-day training session for me at work. Moreover, this training session was particularly important for my office tasks, which meant that I struggled to stay awake throughout most of the two days. The fact that I'm still not getting much sleep at night due to recent events has not helped.

That's why I feel like an idiot right now. I know that the birthday girl in question is a forgiving sort when it comes to things like this (or at least, I hope that that's the case), but that still doesn't keep me from feeling like an idiot right now. Normally I'm pretty good at remembering things like these; I'm not sure why my mind decided to turn on me for just this one moment.

It's probably the stress, and considering the symptoms that I've observed recently, it's become quite obvious that my personal stress is affecting my movements.

When this happens, I usually look for a release — perhaps a project or a diversion of some sort, so that I can absorb myself in some constructive activity until it passes. The difference here is that I'm left lethargic enough to do nothing but lie in bed and doze off; while that would be good under some circumstances, it doesn't quite hold against my preferences.

No, I'm still not good right now. I feel a little like the guy who missed out on the fried chicken dinner, and only got to the table in time to get the bones.

If you're reading this, birthday girl: I wish you a Happy Birthday. I'm sorry that I couldn't remember to mention this within the proper time and context, but I can't take back the past no matter how much I'd like to right now.

If anyone needs me, I'll be back in my cave, sulking.


Anton said...

Should have tied a string around one of your fingers...

Sean said...

Anton: Then I probably would have gone around wondering why I had a string tied to my finger. :)

happylittlegirl said...

Should've stuck a note on the string you tied to your finger. :P

Sean said...

Ida: Then I'd have looked like an escaped lunatic. :)

happylittlegirl said...

Wouldn't you look like that no matter what you do anyway? :P Hehehe.

Sean said...

Ida: Point for you, girl. :)