Monday, March 02, 2009

Disclaimer: March 2009

* All items on this blog were conceptualized and written by Sean (i.e. me), with the exception of those items and references sourced from other creators. These items have acknowledgements and links whenever possible; if any of the attributions are incorrect, or if you own these works and have a complaint against my featuring them on this site, you are welcome to contact me for cordial discussion.

* Please ask for permission before using any of the works on this blog so that I may make sure that these are used in their proper context. No compensation is usually involved for non-commercial use, although I'll just ask for a link of some sort. Do not use any of these works with the intent to malign, slander, or use under any name that's not my own... otherwise I'll lock you up in a room to get eaten by cute wittle bunny wabbits. And lawyers.

* One thing that you probably don't know is that bunny rabbits abhor the taste of the Creative Commons License. So visit that link in the right-hand sidebar of my main blog site while you still have time.

* The above image was sourced and created via Just when you thought they only liked carrots...

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