Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Disclaimer: May 2009

No, I have not been on hiatus for the last week. Instead, the reason for my sparse postings is far more mundane: I've been having problems with my home internet connection. As I spend a good portion of each day at work (or outside), I usually have to write in the evenings... and coincidentially enough, this is about the same time that the connection is not working.

This is actually a rare bit of downtime for the issue, and I'm not sure when the internet's going to cut out again. As a result, I'm going to have to make this a quick post — I come in, lay my cards out on the table, and then leave. I mean, the last thing that I want is to write about two thousand words, and then realize that I can't commit them to the Blogger database.

Fortunately, this is supposed to be a disclaimer post, and after any number of months doing this sort of thing, I like to think that I have my terms down pat.

First of all, everything written on this blog is the product of my efforts. I suppose that there's not much of a distinction between the coolly rational and absolutely insane bits, but I've literally written each and every word here. If you're looking for a nice ballpark figure, my best estimate would be somewhere in the area of three hundred thousand words as of this post.

That said, I occasionally pick up stuff that was written or developed by other creators. It's inevitable, I think — sometimes these other works can emphasize a point better than I can. Whenever I use another author's work or works, I try to enclose the proper acknowledgements within the same post; in this way, I recognize that all rights to such works revert to these creators. In the event that I fail to do this, these creators are welcome to contact me so that I can rectify the issue. I reserve the right to negotiate for these works, and I assure you that I try not to bite.

I ask a similar favor from anyone who would use any of my works outlined here: Please ask me for permission before using anything that you see, read, save or download from this blog. While I am not the kind of person who usually asks for compensation (unless the work is being appropriated for commercial purposes), I'd like to make sure that my words are not reflected in anything aside from their proper context. I would rather see that these articles are left free from harmful misinterpretation, if you don't mind.

I've made various threats and blusters over the years for people who may violate my requests, pervert my standards, or even so much as grossly offend my sensibilities. I won't repeat them here, but I do keep a lawyer in mind for any such issues, and these things do have a habit of getting around. Let's just say that preparations have been made, and leave it at that.

And now I must leave you again. Maybe this post will actually... well, post, and I won't have to worry about saving this in Notepad until the next time I catch a working connection. I'm going to see this setup fixed someday, even if it means switching ISPs or tangling the cords together with my bare hands. Silence, after all, is a terrible thing to behold.

You all take care now. See you soon.

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