Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Last Regulation

No processed meats.

No internal organs.

Limited amounts of duck, lamb and other uncommon meats.

Lower amounts of beef and pork.

No fats.

Nothing deep-fried.

No alcohol.

Singular carbohydrates per meal.

Reduced consumption of cheese and other dairy products.

Less salt.

Drastic reduction in sugars.

Reduced consumption of fruits.


If you're curious, last night's dinner involved a nice cottage cheese spread on a loaf of processed cardboard, with some fresh salad greens on the side. Delicious.


Charo said...

Oh good grief! Are you even eating?

Well, are you ok with pesto? I should have fresh basil in a couple of months. Planted Genovese Basil a week ago and they're already wonderfully sprouting. Should be ready by end of August. :D

Sean said...

Charo: I've come to see this as a set of conditions for two distinct challenges:

1. Given this list of restrictions, what can I consume on a regular basis?

2. Given this list of restrictions, what can I consume that will allow me to maintain my previous lifestyle?

So far, I've noted the following:

A. Apart from tempura and a few other things, I'm all clear with Japanese cuisine. As a result, I've been pigging out on sushi at least once a week.

B. Italian seems fine as long as I avoid the cream sauces. Yes, I'm good with pesto, and I usually try to cheat on the cheese dosage in this way.

C. I love potatoes, and it turns out that they're fine as long as the same meal doesn't involve rice, pasta or bread.

D. Soup seems good, although I have yet to find a good soup place near my office.

My base issue right now involves the fact that I'm barred from most junk foods. I'm now looking for something that I can much on without having to resort to cottage cheese every night.

Charo said...

For "junk food":

* Since you say you're good with potatoes: slice thinly, sprinkle a bit of olive oil and/or spices, then bake/toast until crisp.

* Parmesan crisps: grate parmesan, form into balls, flatten, add spices if needed, toast/bake until crisp.

* I don't know if this is ok with you, and it's not really considered junk food: Buttered vegetables, add honey and cayenne pepper to taste while cooking.