Monday, May 02, 2011

Changelog 2011.05.02

I've started fiddling around with a few things.

1. I've adjusted my occupation as listed in my profile. At the moment, I'm less in the technology sector and more in marketing (although "production" would be the best word here). I'm still doing something akin to project management, though.

2. I haven't adjusted my personal description. It still seems workable, if a little offensive to accountants. But I'll worry about that if one of them complains.

3. I've turned off anonymous comments. This is not to say that I'm driving away a certain group of people, but I've found that the spam content has increased for blogs like these, and I'd like to block even a small fraction of them from appearing here. That, and it's always nice to be able to refer to a name in my responses.

4. There's now a method to post via mobile device, it seems, but I'll keep this turned off for the meantime. I'll try a mobile post at some point first.

5. I'm holding off on changing the base template for now, because I'm going to lose my customizations when I do so. I'll have to set aside some time for a good number of adjustments.

6. I still have no plans to make money off this thing, although the consideration is never far from my mind. Google AdSense still gets the thumbs-down tonight.

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Anonymous said...

hope you'll be back soon!