Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I prepared a CD for delivery to a client this afternoon. As it was the only copy of its kind, we took great care to make sure that it would arrive in proper condition. After placing it inside a CD case and taping it shut, I hunted for a copy of last week's newspaper and tore the outdated news reports into sections. I wrapped two of the smallest pieces around the CD case, taping where necessary and tying up the final product so that it wouldn't fall apart.

I stopped by a candy store after work and watched as The Head Geekette picked up a hundred grams of Boston Baked Beans and a Pixie Stix. I don't have a particular affinity for sweetmeats, but I asked for a Bean, just to see how it tasted. It melted slowly, sweetly in the center of my mouth away from my teeth, and after the hard candy shell was gone, I found the peanut inside to be soft and chewy.

I had an excellent dinner of fried rice once I got home. I consumed it the usual way, with a small bowl and a pair of chopsticks. I once assumed that eating food with chopsticks ensured that one would eat less, but apparently I've gotten better at manipulating the two plastic spears. Three helpings of rice and fillings goes quite the distance nowadays. It's been a few hours since the meal already, and I still feel stuffed.

Is this a suman latik post?

You decide.


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