Wednesday, November 23, 2005

By the Numbers

27 - Total posts for the Suman Latik webring on this blog. (Counting this one.)

11 - Highest number of comments for a Suman post on this blog.

55 - Verses in The Book of Suman. (All with their corresponding superscripts.)

199 - Number of days since Dean Alfar's "Suman Latik" comment at the 1st Philippine iBlog Summit, the event that indirectly touched off these writings.

3 - Pieces of suman actually consumed by Sean since May 2005.

16,829 - Total words in all Suman posts combined.

53 - Total number of times the word "blah" has appeared in a Suman post.

2 - Average number of hours it takes for Sean to write a Suman Latik post.

4 - Number of people who have asked Sean "What's with the suman?" since May 2005.

4 - Number of times Sean has had to stifle a tasteless response to the question "What's with the suman?" since May 2005.

3 - Number of times Sean has pledged to give up writing about suman.

0 - Number of times Sean has missed a regular weekly Suman post. (I was following the appropriate timezones in the US, yes.)

0 - Number of monkeys Sean owns. (He does, however, own one typewriter.)


Dominique said...

You da man, Sean. No, wait! I take that back.

You da SU-Man!

Sean said...

Dominique: Argh. I expected that pun a long time ago, and just when I thought that it was never going to come up...