Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I Blog, You Blog, We All Blog

Attend iBlog 2, the Philippines' 2nd Blogging Summit!

I've just arrived home from the 2nd Philippine Blogging Summit. Sadly, I wasn't able to stay long enough to catch all the talks -- I missed Charo's session, in particular -- because I had to bring the car home for my sister's use.

Still, most of the sessions went well. Anton performed admirably, Jonas pointed out quite a few things, and Dean was his usual charming self. With the example of last year's iBlog conference and a higher number of speakers this year (as well as a slightly larger blogging community), it was easier to find an interesting topic, a nice presentation, or a good laugh.

Granted, I think they've still got a few folds to iron out. I'm not the only person who wondered why the conference was taking place on a Tuesday, and a few more sponsors wouldn't have been amiss. There's also a problem inherent in holding multiple talks at once, and that's the fact that you can't listen to more than one speaker at the same time. But these should be resolved after we have a few more conferences, I think.

On a more personal note, it was a good experience, and the whole thing gave me quite a few more insights on human nature. If there's anything that's slowly bringing together a strung-out network of internet writers, then iBlog is probably it.

Now, to collect my thoughts. Hopefully I'll be able to write something up on whatever lessons I've gained from the conference, and hopefully I'll be able to do it soon.


digitalfilipino said...

Hello Sean. Thanks for supporting the event. We decided to hold it on a Tuesday to take advantage of that limited window where our keynote speaker from Global Voices can join us. =)

Marcelle said...

So I finally found the time to post about it. Heh.

Great, although I skipped out on dialogue snippets, which is just fine, I suppose. :P

Anton said...

it was a pleasure to have met you in real time.

i had fun with the ****bashing.

Sean said...

Janette (digitalfilipino): I'll admit that I was interested at the sudden availability of international representatives for the iBlog. It was worth a day's leave from work, I suppose. (But hey, what isn't?) :)

Marcelle: Judging from your post, you've got plenty to write about already. And you stayed longer than I did! :)

Anton: Bashing? What bashing? We were just two bloggers standing around discussing life in general. Nuninuninuninu...

It was a pleasure meeting you in person, though. And sitting in on your talk was icing on the cake. :)