Monday, April 24, 2006

Scratch Paper

Ah, yes... one more thing about the second iBlog conference.

The above artwork was generously given to me by a young volunteer named Jasmin, after I expressed an interest in her work. She was manning a table at the conference, you see, and while the attendees were off at various talks, she passed the time by making a bunch of nice drawings on some scratch paper.

The scan up there doesn't show it too well, but the artwork I claimed from her was done entirely using a run-of-the-mill black ballpen. It's not fully polished, but then again, it wasn't meant to be fully polished. If the detail around the character's face is any indication, though, then a full-blown pin-up would probably knock peoples' socks off.

So why would I feature her work here? Well, I spend quite a bit of spare time looking at artwork, especially at the office (where I need all the breaks I can get). I hold a lot of links to comic and graphic design blogs in my Favorites list, and I've got a few DeviantArt addresses memorized besides those.

All of that culminates in my predicament, really. I asked Jasmin for her DeviantArt address, which she was quite happy to provide. Unfortunately, I lost the resulting scrap of paper sometime during the conference, and that left me with this single piece of art and nothing more to show for it. (I actually left this piece behind as well, but Jonas Diego was nice enough to retrieve and scan it for me.)

So there it is, ladies and gentlemen. Does anyone know this artist, and can anyone give me a link to her DeviantArt gallery? It'll make a good addition to my list of links. (And hey, more exposure for her is always good.) :)


banzai cat said...

Interesting work. But isn't that an email address at the bottom?

Sean said...

Banzai Cat: That is indeed an e-mail address at the bottom. Unfortunately, however, I can't make out the handwriting very well.

banzai cat said...

"Ah-hah!" said Detective Banzai, "It must have been a doctor artist because only doctors have bad handwriting!"

Sean said...

Banzai Cat: She's only fifteen years old, detective. I would hardly think that she's even a medical student at this point in time. :)

Daene said...

i'm sorry to say i haven't got any information about your mystery artist. but you know, this is the stuff of which chick flicks are made of. writer guy meets artist girl and he gets to keep her drawing, but somehow manages to lose any other information about her.

then one day, many years after their chance meeting, writer guy visits an art gallery and it turns out that artist girl from his past is holding an exhibit of her work! uyyyyyyy, hehe.

geez, i am such a girly girl.

Sean said...

Daene: That would make for a really nice movie. I can see it all now:

1. Guy subtly encourages girl's artwork.

2. Guy loses contact with girl.

3. Girl becomes a rich and famous illustrator.

4. Girl encounters guy again, purely by chance.

5. Girl gives guy a million bucks.


Okay, so the ending's a little off, but it sounds pretty good from where I stand. :)