Monday, November 27, 2006

Korea, Korea

I was thinking of writing a bit of fiction here today, only there seems to be something wrong with the Windows version that this Internet café is using. Every now and then, the window I'm working on will automatically minimize itself, as though the computer is deliberately winking at me.

In addition to that, whoever registered this copy of Windows decided to install a Korean-language option for no apparent reason at all. This means that I'm literally writing this post against a backdrop of Korean characters: It's a beautiful language, I'm sure, but it makes absolutely no sense to an English-speaking mind.

I often wonder if I'm clicking on the right buttons. Fortunately, two years of using Blogger has allowed me to note exactly where each and every function is located.

And now... and now, I have this urgent need to go home and play StarCraft.

Weird, huh?


banzai cat said...

It's your mind subconsciously understanding the Korean language, which is telling to go home and play 'Starcraft'. ;-)

Sean said...

Banzai Cat: Ironically, that's the absolute highlight of what little knowledge of Korea I have -- all the little facets of their culture, society and history take a backseat to the popular Blizzard game.