Monday, November 20, 2006


I am experiencing the mother of all colds at the moment.

Of course, this writing can't possibly express my little piece of reality. Right now, I'm lumbering around the house in a half-daze, slurring my words and occasionally blowing my nose with a piece of sodden tissue paper. It's not good for my disposition in any way.

It hasn't been good for my writing, for that matter: Seeing that I have to grab at the tissue box around once every fifteen minutes, I tend to lose my concentration very often. That makes this a bad time for fiction and essay pieces, and an even worse time for computer games.

I remember being a very sickly kid, actually. I was one of those third-graders who constantly ran into every casual disease in the medical books. This has had interesting consequences on my adult life, in that I find myself almost invulnerable to a lot of the stuff going around. When the viruses do manage to strike home, though, they hit pretty hard -- just like they're doing right now, I suppose.

Of course, knowing all this doesn't do anything for my current situation. Seeing that mankind has never been able to develop a sure-fire cure for the common cold, I doubt that there's anything that can be done for my current situation. A cold is just one of those things that you have to grin and bear. (And sniffle all the way through.)

For some reason, there's a small part of me that demands that I go out and socialize. That way, if I get to suffer the wrath of this virus, at least I'll know that there are a lot of other people going through the exact same experience.

But I won't do that, of course. The way I feel, I'd rather lie in bed and vegetate.

...And use up boxes after boxes of tissue paper, I suppose.



Anonymous said...

Since I'm on vacation, you were in the list of people I would want to meet. I wanted to ask you a lot of things about writing, etc. But something inside tells me that it's not the time yet. So, I disgarded the thought. I don't know. Since you're sick and all, I guess it's really fate telling me (I believe in omens) or just plain coincidence. Get well soon though.

Sean said...

Reiji: Now is not the best time, yes. I spent last night in the company of a convenient icepack, and I'm pretty certain that this is the kind of cold that no one wants to catch.

Gem :3 said...

Ulkkk Sean... Virus getting around.
(hack hack, I'm coughing too... so better keep your chinese cough medicines handy)
On the lighter side, I found that Kleenex brought back their Menthol tissues. :3

kat said...

Aw. I know that feeling, and it sucks. Worse even when you're at home and nothing better to do than sleep it off.

Sean said...

Gem: At the rate I'm finishing up boxes of the stuff, I won't be able to afford menthol tissues. :(

Kat: Colds like these are what the Internet is for. :) What to do online, though, is a completely different story...

Sean said...

Talk about weird... that last comment went in just as Blogger went through a server restart, so although it shows up here, it doesn't show up on the main article. How odd.