Saturday, March 24, 2007


Once again, I'm busy.

Apart from the fact that I'm supposed to wrap up changes for that textbook I'm writing, my Microsoft Excel suddenly spontaneously combusted not thirty minutes ago. So now I'm double-checking all the Excel files I've got, just to see if the computer was so kind as to corrupt any of them.

I've noted one victim so far: My notes on the Antaria setting. Based on the number of times I've had to construct and reconstruct that over the years, I'm beginning to think that my computer has something against it. (In hindsight, posting the first stories here probably does a lot towards archiving them.)

In addition to that, I'm heading to work five days a week, eight hours a day (or a reasonable equivalent, for now). That has curtailed most of my blogging, but I'm still aiming for at least ten posts per month, regardless.

Fortunately there's a long holiday coming up on the first week of April. Unfortunately, I've got another massive tournament event taking place on the weekend before that, so I won't see a general slowdown of duties or anything. I work, I stop, I work again. C'est la vie.

So far I haven't seen any problems with the other Excel files around here. Now I just have to figure out what to do with another lost year's worth of work.

Again, c'est la vie.


Kat said...

what tournament are you cooking up, l5r? when and where? maybe we can pass by :)
saw in alderac's site that they're releasing the samurai edition this year. will NG be distributing the cards here?

Sean said...

Kat: Yes, this is the annual L5R "Kotei" tournament. We don't have a championship event here in the Philippines, so this is that largest event that the local L5R community holds every year.

This year, we're set to hold the event at Robinsons Galleria level 3, near Red Ribbon and Kenny Rogers'. (It always helps to have available meals nearby, I suppose.) Registration starts at 10:00, actual play starts at 12:00, and we expect to end when the mall closes.

NG will probably distribute Samurai Edition, although they've been encountering problems with late shipments recently. That should be ironed out by the time it releases, though.

Katrin said...

so this is on March 31st?

Sean said...

Katrin: Oops, forgot the date. :) This is actually on Sunday, April 1st.

Kat said...

Cool :)