Saturday, September 01, 2007

Disclaimer: September 2007

Sean I be.
Sean I be.
I am just me,
Yes, Sean I be.

I write my posts
Both here and there
I write my posts
Most everywhere

I'd say I write them
In a box
Or say I write them
With a fox
But I don't write them
On a boat
And I don't write them
With a goat
No, I am not
No Doctor Seuss
I'm just a Sean
And that's obtuse.

But I did write these,
Sean I be.
I wrote these posts,
As you can see.

Not all the stuff here
Is of mine
But I say where these came from
All the time.

I hope that no one
Takes this stuff.
I spent time on it,
Work enough.
I wouldn't like it,
Sean I be
If someone takes it.
They're not me.

I did not write them
In the rain
I did not write them
On a train
I did not write them
On a house
I did not write them
With a mouse.
But I still wrote them,
As you see.
And I should claim them,
Sean I be.

If you want something,
Let me say
That you should make it
Your own way.
Don't put your name
On someone's stuff.
They worked hard for it,
Worked enough.
Don't say you wrote it,
That's too much.
You know you did not
Do as such.

And maybe someday
You will see
You'll write much more
Than even me.
You'll write much better
Perhaps more skilled than
Sean I be.

So Sean I be,
Yes, Sean I be.
I wrote these words.
Yes, Sean I be.


Sean said...

Ugh. This is why I don't write any poetry at all, I guess. Too bad it's already up...

Dominique said...

Well, I had a good laugh.

Sean said...

Dominique: So did I, when I read this again just a little while ago. Unfortunately, it was a "you-must-have-been-drunk-when-you-
wrote-this-Sean" kind of laugh, from my end.

kyutbabe said...

Again, brought a smile to my face :)

Sean said...

Kyutbabe: I was drunk, darn it. Well... maybe not physically drunk, but nevertheless still drunk.