Saturday, May 10, 2008

The New Profile

Just so that you all know, there's a new profile up for this blog:
Sean has been writing since he was 12 years old, and is a writer of essays and short stories. He writes mostly about life, logic and imagination in general: Sean writes, Sean writes about writing, and sometimes Sean even writes about writing about writing. Then, when he feels like scribbling down a few other things, he concerns himself with games and game design, some contemporary issues, and a few jabs at artistic design and authorship. He is a silent anti-plagiarism advocate, an occasional critic of modern storytelling, and a lover of stuffed toys. Given the right circumstances, he may turn into a homicidal maniac one day. Or even worse... an accountant.

For the meantime, I offer my heartiest apologies to all accountants, auditors and actuaries everywhere. I would have made the eponymous lawyer a part of the joke, only I'm aware that even Shakespeare himself has done it already. (Bonus point for you if you get the reference here.)

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