Monday, May 26, 2008

The Worst Virus in the World

It's adware, actually.

I expect to be out of sorts for the next couple of days -- my computer's been infected with some of the nastiest adware I've ever seen, and I'll have to take some time out to try and fix it. If I can't do it on my own, I'll have to get to a technician and ask for a reformat and reinstallation. The outlook seems to be rather bleak; I spent nine hours trying to remove it yesterday afternoon and evening, with few visible results apart from a slow computer.

I've done my initial cursing already, and I'm firmly in resolution mode right now. I'll get back to my ranting and whining once I can get normal operations resolved over here.


Dominique said...

Go Ubuntu, my friend, go Ubuntu.

jeff reiji said...

Back when I was in technical support, in cases of virus/spyware etc. problems, I always recommend to go to safe mode, back up as much as you can, and reformat the HDD.

Sean said...

Dominique: If I had a peso for every time someone recommended that I go Ubuntu, then I'd have... Php7.50. The catch is that I foolishly decided to drop the money on an authentic Windows installation disk with my current computer, and I'll be damned if I don't at least try to recoup my investment first.

Reiji: That was actually one of the first things that we did, although I tried to resolve the problem from there without having to reformat. After slogging through a couple of removal guides without much progress, I elected to pull the plug earlier this morning. I'm just thankful that we decided to invest in a slave drive so that we wouldn't have to stock up on CDs. I assume that my beloved PC is in the shop now, undergoing whatever indignities the technicians have chosen to visit upon it.