Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Disclaimer: September 2008

Men who work the nameless word
Seek to rise above the herd
Carving stone in precious rune
Silent by the stoic moon

Eyes that see the twists in time
Unveil songs in verse and rhyme
Struggled madness well too met
Blood and tears awash in sweat

Surveyed landscapes of the mind
Written here among their kind
Lost loves of creation's might
Guarded well by copyright

Making guests of other's ken
Questions of where, what and when
Spoken peace with godhead's hand
Patience lies in grains of sand

Taken words not left to bear
Granted names to drink and wear
Should their presence breed dislike
Swiftly falls the hammer's strike

Men whose cloaks hide thieves' intent
Greater falsehood's detriment
Seek to steal the breath from lungs
Watch these words with jealous tongues

Lies to scream and gladly speak
Chosen to incite the weak
Bring about the sordid next
Heedless of the right context

Grinning teeth of tainted charm
Scatters only fateful harm
Pray refuse temptation's tryst
Lest thou be a plagiarist

Wrath unchecked to howls of rage
Traps thee in a golden cage
Fires doused in ancient awe
Wither well at rule of law

Reason falls to one's own skill
Faced with strength and force of will
Should your greatest work be sought
By your hand must this be wrought


Dominique said...

Yet another winner, Sean.

You know, you could actually put together a book of these posts. You cold title it: "Mine. All Mine."

Sean said...

Dominique: It's getting progressively harder to come up with this stuff, to be honest. Hopefully at some point it'll transcend the "mine, all mine" idea into a better-looking art form. :)