Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Agonistes Dentistes

That tooth has been acting up for the past two days now. It started tingling early Monday afternoon, only a couple of hours after I confirmed a dental appointment for Wednesday this week. By the evening of the same day, it was actually painful to the touch; I could poke it with a fingertip and set off alarm bells all over the right side of my face.

Naturally, I ignored it and went about my usual business. I go through a lot of stress on a daily basis already; what's one painful tooth?

I do find that it's quite distracting to the creative process, though, especially since I constantly run my tongue along its lower edge to see if the temporary filling is still there. Recent events have convinced me that I grind my teeth in my sleep; the last thing I need is the tooth breaking on me mere hours before I head to my friendly neighborhood dental officer.

And of course, this is a little funny, because I was made to believe that the underlying nerve was no longer active. This is a tooth that's well on its way to becoming deceased; I'm not supposed to feel anything at all. I guess that means that there's still life in the old boy yet.

Regardless, I'm sure I'm going to feel it when that drill bores into the enamel tomorrow afternoon. It's an experience that I'll be all too familiar with -- the concept of pain so great that it actually transcends the human experience -- but it'll be a good cost for the ability to to think scatterbrained thoughts again.

And to think that I'm looking at five or six of these sessions in total. Eh... just as long as the tooth doesn't bother me on a regular basis, I suppose.

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