Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sorry, I'm out wid a code right now. Must hab been dat rain las Sunday.

But seriously, my medical condition hasn't affected my typing. In fact, it shouldn't affect my typing (short of my spraining an arm reaching for the tissue box)... but it's a little fun to work this into the text somehow. You get something that feels a little like l33tspeak, without the burden of linguistic idioms.

In fact, "coldspeak" is a little more straightforward than other text effects -- you just replace all the hard "v" and "h" sounds with their softer counterparts, and you're all set. The only problem lies in finding a sentence that can effectively demonstrate your condition; you obviously won't be using those phonetics all the time.

Coldspeak aside, though... I've been out for the whole day. I spent the whole of yesterday sneezing every fifteen minutes, and my continually runny nose got some strange looks from a couple of people. The office clinic informed me that my allergies were most likely acting up because of the change in weather, and recommended that I get plenty of fluids and a bit of rest.

So far today, I've gone through half a box of tissues, realizing that I just asked for some sick leave before I actually felt bad enough to skip work. Gosh... my life is so dependent on the appointment book right now.

I don't get a lot of colds nowadays. Having gone through a lot of contagious diseases as a kid, I find myself woefully unprepared to get sick as an adult. My idea of curing a cold involves consuming massive quantities of soup (which isn't much different from when I don't have a cold), and looking for crazy things to do outside of the recommended rest. It's enough to frustrate the doctors in my family.

The worst part about colds, of course, involves having to sleep with them. Eventually your nose gets clogged and you find yourself breathing through your mouth. In my case, that means that my snoring immediately becomes louder and more obnoxious. It got so bad tonight that I actually woke myself up a few minutes ago.

The process of blowing my nose has also affected my computer habits, too. Now it seems that I have to stay a good distance away from the keyboard, lest my olfactory emissions go wild. I've had to clean a few keys so far, one of which turned out to be connected to the standby utility and almost caused me to lose this post. :/

I'm heading back to work tomorrow, though, so I probably won't have to worry about my home computer for a moment. I'd just have to worry about spreading the contagion to the rest of the company (and potentially to the rest of the world)... but really, what can you do when it's not an option to vegetate at home?

Ah well. I could have saved the world today, but I couldn't. Too bad.


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