Friday, June 12, 2009

Six-Word Stories

Here's a few six-word stories for Bahay Talinhaga's Independence Day effort. Because I like challenges, I've tried to do one for each of various genres. Because I have masochistic tendencies, I based these off of the ones available in the Talecraft storytelling game. And because I'm borderline suicidal, I've tried to place all of these in a contemporary Philippine context, something that I usually don't do in the course of my regular writing.

One conclusion I've developed, mind you, is that I'm too wordy to squeeze all of my ideas into a mere six words. That said, that probably just means that the items below are just the tip of the iceberg that happens to be my warped little mind.

Here you go, Mr. Chikiamco. Hopefully these are of good enough quality for you.

Adventure: Intrepid archeologist seeks lost Kho videos.

Fantasy (Bangsian Fantasy): Demon runs day spa for celestials.

Fantasy (Contemporary Fantasy): Secret squatter society battles subdivision monsters.

Fantasy (Fairytale Fantasy): Princesses. Paedophilia. Politicians. Put something together.

Fantasy (High Fantasy): Spellcasting cop shakes down otherworldly citizens.

Gothic: Strange giggling noises in Manila Cathedral.

Historical: Ferdinand Magellan's last words: "Nice... sword..."

Horror: Balut vendors terrorized by giant duck.

Mystery: Imelda's three thousand shoes are missing!

Romance: Is that MMORPG girl really female?

Science Fiction: Solution to Abu Sayyaf: Giant Robots.

Thriller: Must... stop... president... from... running... again!


Pipe said...

Those are great Sean ^_^ I'm adding them to the collection at

banzai cat said...

Giant robots are always good anywhere. ;-)

Sean said...

Pipe: "Balut vendors terrorized by giant duck"? That must have been the drugs talking.

Banzai Cat: Especially in bed. :)