Monday, June 27, 2005

Moving Left, Moving Right

Stuff I did in one hour's worth of the 2005 Philippine Toys and Collectibles convention:

...Stood in the middle of a long line for the privilege of buying a fifty-peso ticket.

...Stepped into the gaping maw formed by massive crowds.

...Bought a copy of Jonas Diego's A Girl's Story from the man himself. Discussed the work's presentation and impact.

...Met Gerry Alanguilan. Talked about Star Trek: Enterprise. Noted that the networks probably won't resist putting another Trek series on the air eventually.

...Did the "What is it, boy? Timmy's in the well?" joke. I swear that that thing never gets old.

...Bought a copy of Oliver Palumbarit's Lexy, Nance and Argus: Sex, Gods, Rock & Roll. Wondered who recommended the book to me.

...Said hello to Camy. Met Elbert personally for the first time. Wondered whether or not he was really an amorphous liquid-metal construct sent from the future to kill me.

...Met up with Freddy Tan of Neutral Grounds. Accepted an offer to run the July 2 L5R tournament.

...Watched two cute goth girls walk around and look at stuff. (That's not to say that the people I hung out with weren't cute, of course. Especially Jonas. He looked so nice in his shorts.)

...Explained the history of the HarperPrism Magic: the Gathering novels to a random passer-by. Sold him one. (Yeah, I'm that good. Fear my mad skillz, baby.)

...Absorbed about sixteen of Cathy's punches in the right shoulder. Did I mention that she's competing in the Slimmers World Olympic Events? Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

...Explained to Jonas why a number of our mutual acquaintances weren't around. Fate does some strange things sometimes.

...Used my trademarked expression of woeful disdain for a convenient photograph.

...Marvelled at the number of casual acquaintances I had: Francis. Ronan. Giselle. Ariel.

...Noted the number of casual acquaintances I met: Jerald. Raipo. Benedict.

...Found out what Cathy was planning to make for her next cosplay. Wondered exactly how she was going to pull it off.

...Stepped into the gaping maw formed by massive crowds again. Realized that I am such a sucker for punishment sometimes.

...Stared at Siklab Publications' strangely-animated character roster.

...Noted sheer number of bootleg animated movies on sale. Hoped that the Video Regulatory Board wouldn't drop by.

...Wondered at the number of people carrying old copies of Seeker magazine. I thought it was dead already, honest.

...Misheard conversation; Thought that Carlo Vergara worked for a "game magazine" when it was really a "gay magazine".

...Remembered David. Doubted as to whether or not he would be around.

...Met up with Lei. Thanked her for the nice argument. Expressed optimism towards having other arguments in the future.

And that's it. If think you can do better than that, then you're welcome to drop by the next one. :)


Dominique said...

Darned! Really wanted to go, but stuck here in Dumaguete. Well, maybe next time. Got pictures?

Sean said...

Dominique: No camera, unfortunately. I'm a cheap, cheap man. :)

Jonas has some nice pictures, though...

Anton said...

well there are a few pics of you and cathy, the cosplay girl....hope i could have dropped by as well but Subic is just too darn far....

Jonas Diego said...

Nya ha ha ha! Hope your shoulder's not too sore anymore, dude! :D

Gerry Alanguilan said...

Hey, nice meeting you Sean! :D

Sean said...

It was really good to meet you too, Gerry-sama. :)