Sunday, October 30, 2005

Still Slogging Through the Muck

Still suffering from jet lag, which explains the time of this post.

Still working through my e-mail. So far, I've deleted around 60 or so spam posts, and have read about half of my 80-plus unanswered messages.

Still sifting through the contents of my luggage. Fortunately I've been able to set aside the stuff that I'm giving away already. There's not much, and I'm a remarkably cheap man, so don't get your hopes up. :)

Still trying to fit into the many pairs of trousers I left behind. I did warn myself about the food, I suppose.

Still updating myself on what's been happening while we were gone. The way I understand it, it's pretty much been business as usual.

Still recovering from the urge to drop any amount of cash on any available product or service. I don't have as much money to spend or the motivation to spend it here at home, after all.

Still checking up on the sites I usually check up. Don't worry -- you'll get your turn. :)


cstiu said...

Oooolllla! Welcome back! Welcome back!!!!!! :)

Sean said...

cstiu: Was I missed? :)

cstiu said...

Is that a question that needs answering? :) Glad you're back.. hope you and everyone else back there enjoys the "special" vacation today, and hope you get out the of jet lag soon.