Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Yes, I'm still alive.

As I expected, there's not much rice here. I've run into the odd person who's encountered balut and century egg (mostly via Fear Factor episodes), and I've encountered exactly one person who misses sisig, but I have yet to see anyone who remembers suman in some form.

For that matter, the only rice I've encountered here seems to appear only on gourmet dishes. And even then, the rice is always "wild": Poached Salmon with choice of baked potato or wild rice. Marinated Duck L'Orange served on a bed of wild rice. The rice around here is always "wild", for some reason. Maybe the Americans like their food a little more feral.

It's only my fifth day here, and I've skipped dinner twice. Too many meals in too little time. I've said no to too many desserts, for that matter. No suman for me, in more ways than one.


eClair said...

Still skipping dinner by this time, Sean? How's the vacation coming along? Sporting a new look? *snickers*

Sean said...

Clair: Naah. The razor issue turned out fine -- it seems that you can pack one into your non-carry-on luggage. I made the mistake of buying a brand-new safety razor for this trip, though, and I've been battling shaving cuts for a week now.

eClair said...

Sean's new look! Shaving cuts =P Scarface? *laughs*

Am kidding, Sean, you know that. Enjoy the rest of the trip ;)