Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Disclaimer: August 2006

I'm right in the middle of something, so I'll actually make this post both straightforward and brief. I'll explain my current situation in a future entry.


This is Sean's blog, established in September 2004 as a bastion of personal works, literary efforts, and out-of-the-way reflections and insights. Over the last twenty months, it has come to house Sean's open attempts at writing, and currently tries to serve as a venue of ideas for the average stable of writers and readers.

All items posted on this weblog are Sean's original works (except where posted), indicating that Sean is the rightful owner of all copyrights pertaining to these items. Further foundation is given by the Creative Commons License currently located in the right-side area of this blog, and in addition to that, Sean keeps printed and semi-officially dated copies of some entries.

Any items excerpted or quoted from outside sources are acknowledged in their respective posts. In the event that the proper references are not given for a particular entry, the aggrieved parties only have to contact me for correction. Sean will make any or all such corrections immediately, and to the best of his ability.

In much the same vein, any person wishing to quote or reference any item on this blog is free to do so, as long as they enclose the proper acknowledgements along with their writings. The safest thing to do, however, would be to contact me: That way, I can give guidance on proper usage, as well as promote the work if I feel that it's worth reading.

I do not condone sources that quote my writings in an out-of-context fashion, nor do I have much patience for people who take my work and try to pass it off as their own. In the past, I have regaled readers with tales of just what I plan to do with these kinds of people; Suffice to say that they invariably involve coal tar, cream cheese, an alunimum baseball bat, and a very good law firm. You don't want to know the details.

Mmm... cream cheese.

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