Saturday, August 19, 2006

See Sean Run

See Sean drop by Dean Alfar's blog in a (rare?) instance of bloghopping.

See Sean read Dean Alfar's recent post on his second Speculative Fiction Anthology.

See Sean remember a previous post that looked mightily similar to this new one.

See Sean raise one confused eyebrow, and start jumping to conclusions for no reason at all.

See Sean wonder if this happens to be Dean Alfar's "subtle" way of narrowing down any further submissions into specific categories.

See Sean wonder if this is actually Dean Alfar's way of giving ground to people, warning them if the current set of submissions is unbalanced in one direction or another, and opening up a path less travelled.

See Sean wonder if maybe he's just reading too much into Dean Alfar's two posts. See Sean wonder if maybe he's just being paranoid again, like the time he thought that a new breed of monkeys were taking over his brain.

See Sean crumple up a bunch of drafts.

See Sean roll up a bunch of other drafts.

See Sean think.

See Sean plot.

See Sean write.

Write write write.

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