Friday, December 01, 2006

Disclaimer: December 2006

I'm aware that this is supposed to be the season of giving, but there's a fine line between giving things away and leaving yourself wide open to theft. As with all disclaimer posts, I have two reasons for writing this entry: One, I wish to uphold a consistent front against plagiarism every month; Two, I started doing these posts more than two years ago, and it seems a shame to stop writing the only regular feature on this site.

With these disclaimer posts, I testify that everything as written on this web site is completely original, having been sourced from the diseased mind of the author whose profile appears on the right-hand sidebar. Any items posted here that come from other sources are labeled clearly and linked when applicable -- if anyone has a problem with how I do these acknowledgements, they're free to contact me for discussion. There has to be a certain mutual respect between every human being in this manner, I suppose.

Anyone is welcome to use any content posted on this site, as long as the similar and proper acknowledgements are used as well. I reserve the right to add another caveat to this, in that anyone using any of my writings must ask for my permission to do so. I do not do this for purposes of greed or self-promotion, but only to ensure that I am never quoted out of context; Rumor and innuendo do more damage to a man than a fine bullet to the head.

The permission process is simple enough: Just post something in any Comments section, or send me an e-mail. Do that, and I will respect you forever. Honest.

I promise to incur litigatory wrath on any person who misquotes me in this regard, misrepresents me, or -- God forbid -- uses my writings with the intent of claiming them under any other person's name. This is the essence of plagiarism, a sin borne of sloth and human disdain, and I will not tolerate it in this little corner of the World Wide Web. While I would prefer to educate people on the nature and vices of the matter, I still have to note any means of penalty for anyone who actually has the gall to do this.

You'd probably expect me to growl at this point, but audio doesn't carry over very well when you're writing.

For further information, please consult the Creative Commons License as noted at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. That should be as well-defined as it gets around here.

And, because it's December already: Have a Merry Christmas.

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