Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wax On, Wax Off

That's funny... the Internet connection over here has been on the fritz for a few hours now. Sometimes it's on, sometimes it's off, but most of the time it seems as though it can't make up its mind.

Not that it's much of a concern, mind you. To start with, my current connection is far faster than the dial-up I was using for the longest time. In addition to that, the ISP has a habit of calling me up after every connection problem just to make sure that I haven't been inconvenienced in any way. (To be honest, the intermittent connection has broken a few of my downloads every now and then, but where else do you find an ISP that actually apologizes for it?)

At any rate, it's much better than PLDT. It's also much more expensive than PLDT, yes, but I'd gladly pay double the normal rate just to avoid the grief.

I'd also gladly recommend the company to anyone who's interested. The iCable web site can be found here, and although I've heard that there's supposed to be some sort of referral program going on, I can't find any official statement about it. I suppose that I can bite the bullet for this one, though.

Now, with that said... let's see if the connection's active enough for this post to publish properly...


kat said...

Ei Sean. Something must be going on with Blogger, I can't post on your "Praise" entry. Ok if I put it here instead? :p

Jars of Clay is probably the only band that markets (themselves) as Christian that I like (pardon the grammar). What I love about them is that their lyrics aren't blatant praise & worship songs, but still express their beliefs without having to sound so "in your face" or self-righteous. Watched them in concert last year. Awesome.

Agree with Ailee. It's one thing to sing Praise songs while in church. It's another to be the only kind of music you listen to, whether it's a ballad, a fast-paced song or what.

On your connection: Currently using PLDT DSL here in Cebu. So far, it's gone down a few times but it seems to be doing ok. Better than the PLDT connections I've tried in Manila. Must be the location. :p

Sean said...

Kat: Jars of Clay was here last year? I get the feeling that I should have found out about them sooner...

On PLDT, I suspect that oversubscription is the root cause of all their connection problems in Manila. If that's the case, then they're probably putting together their Cebu operations in a more organized fashion -- I think that they're learning from their mistakes, in a way.

If otherwise, however, then that raises the question of exactly what they're doing better in Cebu... and why they're not applying that same thing to Manila. I mean, people are practically suffering here. :)