Thursday, December 14, 2006

Post Alpha Beta

I should be on Blogger Beta as of this post, I think. I'm still trying to figure out the difference, and in some cases, I'm still trying to see how I can take advantage of the new features.

One concern that has cropped up has been that of retroactive updates. Should I, for example, go over the past two years' worth of posts just so that I can insert a set of labels into each of them? I'd normally say no, but I have to consider the fact that I'll be skimming over them anyway, just to see if any of the coding has gone out of whack. If I'm going to have a look at everything, then I might as well do everything I want to do at the same time.

On the other hand, I won't be checking the past two years' worth of posts for a while. My schedule's been incredibly busy as of late (which is interesting, once you consider that I'm not holding a regular job at the moment), and right now I'm more concerned about putting up new posts than I am about revisiting old ones.

Now that I'm working with Blogger Beta, however, and now that I can't return to the older version of the system, there's the prospect of worrying myself with fixing the blog. I have almost four hundred posts to my name over here, and people still visit some of the older ones for any number of reasons. I don't know why, mind you. I only know that I still have to wash the drapes and clean the carpets around here.

Oooh, you can use the new system to filter all of your unpublished draft posts now. Maybe I can find something to resurrect among the 28 unfinished entries I have. It's always nice to have some blocks to build on.

In the meantime, if anyone notices anything amiss with the blog, feel free to notify me so that I can patch into the beta system and curse to my heart's content. There's nothing like the smell of burning copper wire in the morning...

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