Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Disclaimer: October 2007

Everything on this web site is of my property. Everything on this web site was originally and completely conceptualized by me. Yes, me. It's mine, mine, all mine, d'you hear? It's all mine, except for those little things I post every now and then that were made by other people, in which case they will always come with an acknowledgement so that you'll be able to better glorify my own stuff. It's mine, darn it!

Yeah, that's right. I wrote everything here. That's almost five hundred posts spread out over three years of blogging, and I'm not going to let it go quietly. Everything here represents the best and the worst of my writing, the best and the worst of my moods, and plenty of everything in between. If you want something good to put on a paper, then you can march over there to the other side of the room and write it yourself.

Yeah, it's obvious that I write about anything. If your favorite topic hasn't come up so far, then that just means that I haven't thought of a good way to present it yet. I'm a writer, and what that means is that I don't just write -- I lie, cheat, steal, whine, wheedle and seduce, too. Most of my stuff might be about writing, but that only means that just about anything can come from these pages.

I claim rights to all the works written and posted here, and any secondary rights implied. This is my stuff, and you can't take it without asking permission. You're welcome to get down on your knees, prostrate yourself, or offer me huge sums of money to use anything on this blog, but I'd prefer that you just ask. It gives me this nice warm feeling inside -- the feeling that you're not skulking around and swiping it out from under my nose.

That's a Creative Commons License down there on the bottom right of this blog. Read it.

I don't like it if you take stuff here without telling me. I don't like it even more if you put your name on it and become successful at something that you clearly didn't do yourself. This is not your own personal supermarket, kiddo. If there's anyone who deserves the accolades for writing this stuff, it's the guy who wrote it. Steal anything here, and it ain't my name that going to get dragged through the mud when people find out.

And when I say that people are going to find out, then people are going to find out. Plagiarism's not a nice mark to have tattooed on your forehead. And you can bet that if you ever do take something from me that isn't yours, then I'm not just going to see to it that they brand you with a red-hot iron, I'm going to hold you down while they're doing it. And I'll laugh, too.



...yeah, I loved Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey in that movie, in case you were wondering.

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