Tuesday, October 09, 2007

You Know You're an Old Gamer When...

- You remember a time when all board games involved dice in some way.

- Every board game you played was published by Parker Brothers or Milton Bradley. (Back then, entities like Renier Knizia and Cheapass Games were probably a mere twinkle in their progenitors' eyes.)

- You know what SuperTrump cards are.

- Despite the fact that you know what the terms "zugzwang" and "en passant" mean, you still can't win a game of chess to save your life.

- You can debate the merits of "Snakes and Ladders" over the more child-friendly "Chutes and Ladders".

- You balk at the thought of putting up houses on Boardwalk.

- You know how many points a Z is worth. You know how many points a K is worth. And you can somehow use them both for the same Double Word Score.

- You think that Colonel Mustard did it in the Study with the Candlestick. (And some guy in the background says, "No, dude... it was Professor Plum!")

- You've won second prize in a beauty contest. (And $10.00, to boot.)

- You don't need more than six guesses to figure out any four-color Mastermind combination.

- You suppressed your memories of that last game of Candyland.

- You still love the feeling of dropping thirty units on Kamchatka and steamrolling across Asia.

- You regret that you never learned how to play this one game that everybody else seems to know how to play. (For me, it's Backgammon.)

- You know who Rich Uncle Pennybags is. (And complained when they changed his name.)

- You've screamed "It's called Othello, not Reversi!" at people.

- You realize that your knowledge of the capital of Iceland, the meaning of the word "boustrophobia", and the only Rocky movie that starred Dolph Lundgren are all pieces of the same pie.

- You can tell what a drawing is trying to depict, without the artist having to say anything to you.

- The whole "expansion set" marketing scheme still puzzles you.

- You've played the old shoe.

- You can name the most horrid, most absolutely wretched game you've ever played... and suddenly have the urge to dig up your closet and try it again.



Dominique said...

You remember not even needing a board or cards to play. Tin cans, slippers, water, a wheel, a short stick and a long stick, or even just the street were all you needed.

Ida said...

"- You've screamed "It's called Othello, not Reversi!" at people."

I've actually done that! :P

Anton said...

Supertramp cards...hahahathats something i remember.

and yes, "Othello!! not reversi"

Sean said...

Dominique: Ironically, I don't remember needing those... I was the kind of kid who made up word games in my head. :)

Ida, Anton: Whoever decided to change the name for marketing purposes should be drug out onto the street and shot. :(

Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

When I was a kid I frequently watched my cousins play backgammon, but for some reason I never picked it up. :)

Charles said...

What do you mean SuperTrump? I just settled for Trump Cards without the Super part...

Alas, did you not play games like D&D, Talisman, or War of the Generals?

By the way, Blue Blue Green Green! Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.00. Sorry!

Sean said...

Ailee: I didn't even see anyone playing Backgammon. It was like this weird pastime that nobody played in the Philippines, or something like that.

Charles: That must mean that you're really old, Charles. :)

I never got through D&D or Talisman, and War of the Generals felt a little random for me. Up to this day I have absolutely no direct experience with D&D / AD&D, despite delving into a lot of fantasy writing.

Charles said...

We must run you a D&D game then!

Sean said...

Charles: Maybe. I think I can live without it, though...