Friday, April 10, 2009

The Days Are Just Packed

I'm in the middle of a week's leave, and suddenly I'm beset by an unexpected development: the Internet's on the fritz. The last time my browsers were this slow, I had one or two viruses to worry about.

Now, however, it looks more logical than anything else: There's a lot of people in the Philippines who are taking this week off. Most of them are out on vacation with their laptops somewhere, but a lot of them are still at home... possibly because of our worldwide financial situation. (Who knows, really?) The immediate conclusion I can draw, however, is that there are a lot of people in my area who are accessing the Internet at this point in time — and what that means is that my Internet connection is likely to be slower than usual because of all the crowds.

It's either that, or I've got a couple of viruses nesting in my copy of Windows XP again. Frankly, I'm hoping that this possibility is out of the question, and that the reason I mentioned in the previous paragraph is the correct inference.

To be honest, I'm not sure how long my current connection is going to last; my siblings and I have been toggling our modem and router like mad throughout the last twenty-four hours. I'm rather certain that I won't have my existing access for more than a couple of hours, though, so I'll keep this post short and sweet. If anything, at least the people out there know of my current situation.

The irony, of course, is that I was and was not working on a completely different blog post over the past couple of days. It started out as your typical eight-hour conceptual affair, then got shelved over a short break. Afterwards it was a question of finding the right trigger to write it again, only for it to disappear in a rogue save operation. Ah well... that's life for you: Sometimes your thoughts just get lost in the shuffle.

I still owe this blog a couple of posts, so I'll try to re-establish my connection over the next couple of days. Somehow, though, I'm amazed at how our advancements in technology can so easily be eclipsed by the weight of our population. Welcome to the world, then. Welcome to our world.

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