Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Digital Pinay 2005

If I were to tell you that the Philippine Computer Society is organizing a contest in order to find a woman who best embodies the skills and values of the IT industry, then what would you think?

Interesting idea, right? A copy of the application form's over here, and it deserves a good read whether you're male or female, whether you're planning on joining or not. (The link is a copy hosted on Sacha Chua's site, and it may or may not be the most recent version of the application form.)

Sacha figures significantly into this story, but I'm not about to tell you the whole thing. I'd rather have you read things for yourself and make up your own minds afterwards. Sacha's reaction to the contest announcement and application is here, and it's being echoed by various quarters around the Net. But I'd recommend that you look through the contest application form first and see if you can spot the aspect that's causing the controversy.


Sacha said...

Amazing stuff, really. Thanks for helping spread the word!

eClair said...

Ah, so you're the Sean Uy that she has mentioned who also checked the the validity of the information on the Digital Pinay thing...
Glad to meet you:)
Looks like we have what the Wikipedia calls a blogstorm;)

Sean said...

It appears that I'm more of the Silent Partner at the moment, although more than a few people have apparently dropped by this place when they heard about my little role in the affair.

I have nothing against beauty contests, mind you. But give me a contest that supposedly searches for a qualified female IT professional yet places emphasis on looks and physical attributes, and I'll be one of the first to complain.

eClair said...

In case you are going to the Press Con tomorrow, please drop me a line:

Ranulf would be there. I know another blogger who will go.

eClair said...

Will be posting on my LJ soon. I am having trouble with my current webhost so is down:(