Friday, March 11, 2005

The Hunt is Over

Solutions for the puzzles in my previous article, "The Hunt is On," are now available through the following links. I won't spoil them for you in this article if you're still solving.

Geller Building (puzzle and solution)
Apollo Street Theater (puzzle and solution)
Club Bubbles (puzzle and solution)
Metapuzzle solution

As of this writing, Pat is the only person to submit a correct answer to the metapuzzle, despite not being able to answer the Apollo Street Theater puzzle. (She was able to deduce her final answer based on the answers to the Geller Building and Club Bubbles puzzles alone.) In fact, no one has submitted a correct answer to the Apollo Street Theater puzzle yet.

The feedback I've received (through comments, instant messages and e-mail) has given insight into a lot of the logic involved in solving these puzzles. Many thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts.

I'm thinking that it would be nice to have another one of these again. Maybe I can offer up a prize next time...

[Edit: Roy and Switch posted a correct answer on the same day this solution came out. Congratulations, guys.]


eClair said...

Looks like there are other people who checked it out ;) Roy Tang posted his answers too.

Anonymous said...

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Sean said...

Interesting... this is the first spam comment I've received in over a year. I suppose that I don't have to tell people that the links above are not to be accessed, unless you want to risk infection.