Monday, March 28, 2005

Playing Catchup

Hey, I'm back.

Seeing that I was going out of town from Thursday to Saturday last week, I took some leave off work last Tuesday and Wednesday. All the preparations and packing I did - as well as the small vacation itself, which was in a place that didn't have Internet access - mean that today is literally the first time in a week that I've been able to go around the Net.


That's not good, especially considering my level of entrenchment in the virtual lifestyle.

I had 12 messages waiting in my office inbox when I got back. This wasn't particularly impressive, but on the other hand, most of my company's clients go on leave for the Holy Week holidays, too.

I had almost 50 messages spread out over my two different public e-mail addresses, though, and only about one-fifth of that number was spam. Most of the e-mails centered around blogging, Alan Moore, and the triple-ko aspect of go, for some reason.

No new comments for blog entries... how sad. But then again, my last article came out quite some time ago.

The L5R boards offered up about 200 new card rulings, which took me about three hours to slog through. I'm beginning to believe that, contrary to popular opinion, the attraction of the L5R CCG isn't in the rich game, the creative deckbuilding or the vibrant community; The attraction of L5R is in knowing each and every one of the game's little nuances, which explains why I spent three hours of my life catching up on some of the strangest rules questions ever asked.

Some blog writers went out of town as well, but those who stuck around have updated their entries a bit: Sacha's out sick, Dominique has a review of The Vagina Monologues up, Clair's working on quite a few tanaga, and Jac is putting out a new webcomic starting tomorrow.

Speaking of webcomics, I'll have to get up to speed on them as well. Sitting high on my list are the manic Sluggy Freelance and creative Partially Clips, but I figure that Liberty Meadows and Wildguard - albeit not webcomics per se - will also be worth checking out.

Then there's the issue of pending projects. I still have that comic script to complete, for one, and then there's also the prospect of finishing up a second batch of puzzles in time for my birthday, which will come around in just over a month. I've also got to continue Antaria sometime, but that can wait till I finish catching up on the ways of the virtual world.

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eClair said...

Your birthday is soon! Wow! :)