Friday, September 02, 2005

Disclaimer: September 2005

Heavy workload. I just happen to be writing two user manuals at the same time, which explains why I'm posting less than usual nowadays.

The problem with user manuals is that they seem fairly easy to write at first glance, but over the years, you'll eventually be starving for methods to say things like "click this button here" one more time. I'd like to think that our clients see my manuals as useful references, but here on my end, they're nothing but repetitive pieces of writing. If there's a mental counterpart to Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome, then I assure you that I am in constant fear of suffering from it.

In order to understand Sean's notes on copyright:
1. Sean posts a disclaimer as his first item for each month, and the disclaimer remains open and available on his weblog. (A similar note of ownership and Creative Commons License exists on the right-hand side of his blog template.)
2. All items on this blog are the original conceptualizations and executions of Sean himself. Exceptions are made for those blog posts that clearly reference established external figures or products, in which case Sean will attribute these to the proper sources.
3. Sean claims ownership of all writings and observations as recorded on this blog, but will allow for further reproduction of these items under his permission. Fat chance, yes, but you never know...
4. Any external entity who dares to steal or claim ownership of any of Sean's items on this blog automatically makes him or herself subject to Sean's wrath, which will take any of multiple forms depending on how Sean feels at the moment. (Right now, Sean's considering something in the vein of chickens, antifreeze, and midget circus workers. You don't want to know the details, really.)
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Galumph galumph galumph galumph galumph galumph...


Anonymous said...

I kind of think writing user manuals is like writing advises for people who have idea about what are they going to do next. Or giving an advice for a person who doesnt know what do, or just wouldnt plain listen. Oh well. :)

Sean said...

Reiji: I've thought that as well, but after years of writing user manuals, I feel that the act has crossed the line into pure tedium. :(