Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Modern Janus


Suman suman suman suman suman.

Suman with latik sauce. Suman with coconut shavings. Suman with a touch of vanilla or a sprig of mint.

Suman with spam and other meat bits. Savory suman with salt and pepper and carrots and green peas. Suman fried in sauce and mixed with salted fish.

Suman wrapped in banana leaves. Suman wrapped in grease paper. Suman wrapped in plastic and paper. Suman kept in airtight tupperware or contained in large white ovens. Suman on trays. Suman on long mahogany tables.

Suman and cultural distinction. Suman in creative approaches. Neo-suman recipes and techniques for the current millennium. Suman-like dishes from other countries. Non-rice-based suman. Suman fads. Suman trends.

Suman and its driving effects on the Philippine economy. Suman and its role in the world economy. Supply and demand of suman. Analysis of suman prices and availability. Density of suman consumption. Viability of suman marketing and product management. Copyrighting suman recipes. Landmark legal cases involving suman.

Suman in the current political situation. Relative preponderances of suman in both houses. Suman presence in party schemas. Historical usage and issues regarding the consumption of suman. Suman controversies. Suman-based political events. Oratory and suman. Unresolved suman issues for debate.

Media representations of suman. Suman in watercolor. Suman in oils. Suman in sculpture. Suman in neo-aggrandist line art. Suman as still life. Suman poetry. Suman novel-writing. Approaches to suman literature. Suman in the digital media. Theoretical three-dimensional rendering of suman with side dishes.

Suman chemistry. Suman and the laws of physics within the bounds of naked singularities. Heisenberg's suman uncertainty corollaries. Philosophical-mathematical proof of the existence of suman. Biological discussion of suman's organic ingredients. Nutritional effects of suman on the human endocrine system. Health risks of suman. Chart of suman-based needs. Suman-based dietary treatments. Psychological effects of prolonged suman exposure.

Suman suman suman suman suman.



jeff-reiji said...

FYI: Just got published! And I'm really darned proud of it!


Check it out if you're free. Thanks. Oh well.

Sean said...

Reiji: Good one. It's a keeper, all right.

Jac said...

hello! I tagged you for a meme :)

Sean said...

Jac: I'm an odd person to tag for a meme. But I'll answer it as soon as I can. :)