Monday, September 18, 2006


I've just realized that I've been remembering that wrong date for the last couple of years. It seems that the first post I ever made on this blog took place on September 13, 2004, not September 18 as I originally assumed. That, of course, effectively makes this blog two years and five days old as of the time of this writing.

Blogger tells me that I've written a grand total of 352 posts (completed or otherwise) over the last two years, and much like the guy who's been out drinking for half the night, I don't remember writing any of them during my contemporary waking moments. In sharp contrast to my total of 191 posts during the first year of operation, I spent my second year scribbling out 135 articles in one form or another. That's far less than my original output and a little less than one post every two days, but it's still kind of substantial.

For the statisticians out there, of course, I did have the following posts per month over the last year:

September: 5 (out of 16 total)
October: 13
November: 15
December: 17
January: 11
February: 8
March: 6
April: 7
May: 10
June: 9
July: 13
August: 12
September: 9

The drop in entries was most obvious around the February-March-April quarter, primarily because my workload had increased substantially around that time. After our staffing needs had been addressed in the latter part of that quarter, I started recovering in regular numbers once more.

The statistics above, however, don't reflect those posts that I never finished, and thus never published. These include the following:

- Six (yes, six) drafts for Antaria stories;
- One piece of independent fiction, which was tragically cut short by a bum Internet connection;
- A hypothesis on the natures of "who", "where", "when", "how" and "why" types of people;
- An essay on our fascination with discussion fora and mailing lists;
- Two attempts at trying to explain why so many blog posts reference song lyrics;
- A short dissertation on what puts the "Philippine" into "Philippine Science-Fiction".

Yes, that's a lot of rakings from the wastebasket up there. And it all came about in this blog's second year.

The funniest thing about all this is that I didn't exactly expect to stick around for two full years, much less two years and five days. Yet you see me here now, writing up a bunch of words on numbers and statistics. And as far as I'm concerned, I'm not going anywhere just yet.

Of course, I don't know exactly what you people think of this blog. Maybe you like it, and maybe you're just passing through because you don't think it's worth reading. Maybe you find me to be a really sexy person, and maybe you want nothing more than for me to be mauled by a polar bear. Whatever the case, your feedback is always appreciated, and it's invariably considered whenever I make the occasional shift in articles (or apologies, or such).

So I've been around for two years now. With any luck, I can make it to a third. And with even more luck, I'll be able to retain your attention along the way.



pgenrestories said...

Hi Sean. Saw your comment on Thanks a lot, and it is a good suggestion. Sadly, we don't have the staff to handle the weblog. We are thinking that somewhere down the line we will put up a website where samples of what has been printed will be put up (with the author's permission, of course), but for now, we're concentrating on print. Hopefully, something will be out by Dec., and we hope that you, as a writer, might find the time to send something in? Thanks again!

Jac said...

Hello Sean! I tagged you for a 7-song meme :) mine has videos if you wanna check 'em out!

Sean said...

pgenrestories: It wasn't an original suggestion, admittedly. A number of quarters have already attempted to jump-start group blogging initiatives... you just happen to have a definite direction in mind.

With regards to submissions, I'm hoping to develop a few in the near future. There are a lot of avenues for fiction that suddenly cropped up in the last few months...

Jac: I'm working on it. :)

pgenrestories said...

Thanks, Sean. Hope you find the time to send something our way. Met with Dean Alfar, his wife, Nikki, Vin Simbulan, and Andrew Drilon the other night; through them, I got my hands on Dean's spec. fic. 1 and read "Regiment" there. Small world, really! They were helping me sort out the direction Phil Genre Stories was going to take (Dean's my feature story for issue 1) and they were very supportive and encouraging, and I am very grateful. As for weblogging, I think there exist sites like and, in case you want to check them out.

pgenrestories said...

Sorry, forgot to add in my previous comment that I enjoyed reading "Regiment" very much. Hope you keep writing for years to come.

Sean said...

pgenrestories: At the moment, they're pretty much the people who dictate much of the Speculative Fiction initiative in the Philippines - so chances are that anyone who writes Spec Fic will probably have heard of Mr. and Mrs. Alfar, Mr. Simbulan, and/or Mr. Drilon. I just hope that the genre becomes an integral part of the local literary landscape rather than a mere "fringe" element, although if it does, it'll be largely due to their efforts.

I'll check out the sites you recommended, although I think I've received references to them before already...

And with regards to "Regiment", that one was more a happy accident than anything else, I suppose. But thank you for the kind words.