Friday, September 01, 2006

Disclaimer: September 2006

Let's see if I can get my point across in as few words and concepts as possible. I've got around twenty-four other monthly disclaimers floating around on this blog as well as a Note of Ownership in the sidebar, so anyone who won't quite get the message will have plenty of other references to check.


Sean's blog here.

Everything here original.

Anything not original, referenced. Linked. Acknowledged.

Source not like Sean's use, contact Sean. Sean corrects.

Person wants use Sean's stuff, reference. Link. Acknowledge.

Person not use Sean's stuff in different context. Lies bad.

Person not take Sean's stuff as their own. Stealing bad.

Sean not like offenders.

Sean not like puny offenders!

Sean turn big. Sean turn green. Sean put on purple pants. Sean SMASH!



That's all, people. Back to your work now.


Sacha said...

Tempted to steal something just to see a Sean Smash. ;)

Sean said...

Sacha: You're lucky you're in Toronto, girl. :)

Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

I'm curious, just what kind of desperate moron plagiarizes from a blog? Granted, a well-written blog (which may explain why no one's lifting any of my stuff, hah), but come on, how lazy and pride-less can one get? It's a sad, unoriginal, dishonest world we live in. Tsk.

Sean said...

Ailee: You'd be surprised. I mentioned a couple of international cases over here, and a few relatively minor cases have involved blogs from local writers.

Blogs that offer items other than personal content (Literary blogs, art blogs, philosophical blogs, news blogs, etc.) are a prime target, because the work or author in question is usually not well-known, and most likely untraceable. While I haven't heard of any major local incident involving the theft of any blog-based work, I've encountered literary plagiarism before, and I'm pretty sure that it'll happen again soon.