Monday, September 11, 2006

Fifty Things About Sean (Only Twenty of Which are Absolutely True)

No, this is not a meme... although you could make it one, if you like. I'm just busy at the moment because the deadline for the second Speculative Fiction Anthology is coming up this Friday. I'm aware that I want to post something on this blog before a week passes by, however, and that's why I'm writing this right now. (My vanity might also have something to do with this. Go figure.)

I have a list of fifty factual assertions below, only twenty of which are absolutely, positively true. I will leave it up to you to figure out which are which. I may or may not confirm any of these in the future. I reserve the right to be as silly as I darn well want. I have no idea why I'm doing this, truth be told.

Maybe I'm just weird. Maybe I'm going nuts. Maybe it's time you had a look below.

Just remember: Everybody loves a good list. :)

(only twenty of which are absolutely true)

1. Asks people what their shoe sizes are.
2. Attempted to get struck by lightning… once.
3. Borrows a lot of money.
4. Can speak in Klingon.
5. Can whistle the national anthem.
6. Cosplays.
7. Does algebra problems in his head.
8. Does jigsaw puzzles.
9. Doesn't drink.
10. Doesn't smoke.
11. Habitually asks questions during lectures.
12. Habitually mixes softdrinks together.
13. Has a fetish for bladed weapons.
14. Has a minor medical skin condition.
15. Has a preference for the Verdana font.
16. Has a scar above his right eyebrow.
17. Has acidic saliva.
18. Has been to Africa.
19. Has been to Russia.
20. Has invented a minor electronic component.
21. Has memorized the value of π (pi) to one hundred decimal places.
22. Has six toes on one foot.
23. Hates getting wet.
24. Is (was) a professional arcade player.
25. Is a conspiracy theorist.
26. Is a Michael Jackson fan.
27. Is a pack rat (i.e. keeps everything he acquires).
28. Is ambidextrous.
29. Is an expert chess player.
30. Is fond of history.
31. Is fond of mathematics.
32. Is fond of sociology.
33. Knows how to do needlepoint.
34. Knows how to program in COBOL.
35. Knows how to program in GWBASIC.
36. Knows how to work a telescope.
37. Once destroyed a rubber ball by sitting on it.
38. Once drank cleaning fluid to see how it would taste.
39. Once gambled P5000.00 ($100.00) on a single coin toss… and won.
40. Once stabbed someone with a pencil.
41. Once won a contest for his artwork.
42. Owns a pet cat.
43. Owns a pet dog.
44. Owns a pet Siberian tiger.
45. Picks up coins on the street.
46. Played soccer for a school team.
47. Played table tennis for a school team.
48. Plays Dungeons & Dragons.
49. Records episodes of "Malcolm in the Middle".
50. Tried to learn ice sculpture… once.


misunderstood person said...

I know for sure that you have never been to africa, and you do not have a dog, a cat or a tiger. I also know that you don't drink and smoke.

Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Based on Sel's own skill at the sport, I'm guessing # 47 is true. :)

I'm hoping #4 is true. That would be heckuva cool. =D

Gem :3 said...

Sean was first introduced to me as #21, thus #31 so probably #7 (but I know you use paper). I'm supposing he's also #27 since he keeps saying so throughout his blog.
Tell me how #38 goes Sean if you ever. :D