Saturday, March 01, 2008

Disclaimer: March 2008

Okay, pencils out. With over forty disclaimer articles on this site, we're all bound to have learned a thing or two. Just in case, however, the questions below are your standard multiple-choice thingies. Mark your answers on a piece of paper and skip to the bottom of the page to assess your score.

1. What is Plagiarism?
a. The process of copying another person's work and claiming/implying the result as original.
b. A major obstacle to the growth and legitimacy to the creative industry.
c. A brand of Spam.

2. I don't plagiarize other peoples' works because:
a. Stealing stuff that belongs to others is the wrong thing to do.
b. It impedes my own growth as a writer and a conceptualist.
c. I'm too busy copying and rewriting them for my own use.

3. Who wrote the stuff on this blog?
a. Sean.
b. Sean.
c. Barney, the Purple Dinosaur.

4. Why does Sean acknowledge other writers here?
a. Because Sean feels that they should be recognized for their own works.
b. Because Sean does not intend to pass off their works as his own.
c. Because this is an important part of Sean's plan to become supreme ruler of the universe.

5. Can other writers ask Sean for acknowledgement of their works if they appear on this blog?
a. Yes, if they feel that they legitimately own these works.
b. Yes, if they feel that Sean has not provided proper use or reference to these works.
c. I pity da fool who don't ask for dis acknowleg'ment!

6. What should you do if you want to use a work or an excerpt from this blog?
a. Place a comment under the entry you would like to use, and link to it.
b. Send Sean a formal request via e-mail.
c. Slip Sean five bucks.

7. Why does Sean try to control the use of his works by other people?
a. To prevent others from gaining a profit on works that they do not own.
b. To prevent others from interpreting his work out of its original context.
c. Didn't you read? It's all part of Sean's plan to become supreme ruler of the universe!

8. What should you expect from Sean if you ask permission to use his work?
a. A quick response and no requirements outside of reference or linkage to this site.
b. A civil discussion and possible opportunity for future transactions.
c. Three French hens, two turtledoves, and a partridge in a pear tree.

9. What should you expect from Sean if you don't ask permission to use his work?
a. Immediate attention from multiple sources, and possible legal investigation.
b. A short, tersely-worded letter to your blog, e-mail address, and/or immediate superior.
c. Two goons visiting your house to rearrange your furniture. "Next time, it'll be your face."

10. What's that thing at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar?
a. A Creative Commons License, which allows for free use of Internet resources under the correct circumstances.
b. A set of regulations for the free and proper use of Sean's works, including this blog.
c. I pity da fool who don't look at da right-hand sidebar!

Pencils down, everyone. Give yourself one point for each "C" that you have in your answers:

0 points: Congratulations. You understand what the plagiaristic threat means... or at least, you've read the Disclaimers on this blog.

1 to 4 points: How's it going, Beavis?

5 to 8 points: Exactly how you've managed to survive without some irate writer stoving your face in, I have no idea.

9 to 10 points: Dude, you are seriously in need of an Ethics class. Hell, you are seriously in need to spend six to eight years in one. With monkeys.

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