Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hiatus? What Hiatus?

Despite my workload at the moment, I haven't quite stopped writing posts yet. In fact, as you have probably seen from my last few articles, I've been logging in late at night just to get some writing done.

The reason behind my recent "hiatus" is actually a lot more circumstantial: It's March. What that means is that my college-level sister, who's a sophomore in a Communications course, suddenly has a ton of papers and other group projects to complete. In this day and age, her generation of students don't merely gather in somebody's house just to coordinate research and construct their final reports. Instead, they do their own digging through home computers and personal Internet connections, and take time out for discussion through tools like Yahoo! Messenger.

On my sister's end, she's been doing this every night now. Usually she manages to last from about 10:00pm (around the same time I get home from work) to 3:00am (around the time I usually nod off). This is far longer than I used to stay up for my college projects -- either we had worse technology back then, or I was a better student than I thought -- but the result is the same: I don't get to use the Internet in the meantime.

And that's why you probably haven't seen me online for a while.

It's the weekend, though, which means that she might not touch the computer for a while. This should give me a few gaps where I can put up some interesting posts... but I shouldn't count on that. She's remarkably studious for a twenty-year-old.

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