Thursday, March 20, 2008


When I got off work yesterday, I was looking forward to a four-day weekend. I was literally itching for four days of non-stop rest, four days of relaxation, four days where I wouldn't have to use one hundred and thirty percent of my brain for the most mundane tasks.

The fact that I wasn't going out of town for the holidays made my prospects look a lot better. I mean, I wasn't looking at concerns about the traffic, and I didn't have to worry about planning and executing a vacation itinerary. In short, things were looking up.

Then Thursday hit, and the fact dawned on me: I'm bored.

I've been stuck in front of the computer for virtually the entire afternoon now, running my sorceress character through Diablo II for the third straight time, wondering if this is all there is. Part of me wants to write something, but I'd like to spend some time plotting out an idea first. Part of me wants to head back to the office and finish a few incomplete pieces of work, but the rational side of my head just smacks me on the upside every time I think that.

The TV is on right beside me, but besides a single episode of CSI, I've seen nothing but news programs on. At this point, I'm not sure how receptive I am to certain bits of news: I don't care about how the alleged underground struggle against the Philippine president is faring over the Easter weekend, and I can't even muster up enough curiosity to ask why both Bin Laden and the Danish government are getting their robes up in a bunch over some cartoons.

Darn it, I'm bored. I should have gotten out of town when I had the chance, stress or no stress.

Admittedly, I'll get my chance in early May, shortly after my birthday. I have some old college friends who are finally getting married after a ten-year-long relationship, and I'm not about to miss this momentous Event of the Decade. But that's still a month from now, and in the meantime, I'm still bored.

Maybe I'll just head out and see if any places are open today. It's only Thursday, after all, and I figure that there have to be at least a few hangout spots available for people to walk around and think for a bit. It's better than sitting in front of the computer, at least.

Ah, well... might as well dress up. Dame Elemen can wait for a bit...


jeff reiji said...

suggestion, have you tried buying pirated copies of TV series?

I literally spent one whole day watching the second series of Boston Legal.

IMHO, Boston Legal's a great TV show.

I see you like CSI. In the "pirate dens" I frequent, they have tons of CSI what-have-you (las vegas, miami and new york).


Sean said...

Reiji: Oh, I agree... Boston Legal's one of the more interesting shows to come down the pipeline. Having already gone through such things as L.A. Law and Ally McBeal, however, I think I've already seen too many law-firm-based series.

I'm okay with CSI. I like it, although I think I stop short of being a die-hard fan. My cousins managed to score a boxed-set collection of episodes somewhere (authentic ones, to boot), so I get a nice hookup every month or so.

For the record, I did manage to catch the Band of Brothers marathon on cable yesterday. It was my third run-through for the serial, and it was depressing at times, but it still beats watching the news all day. And for added irony, there was the sheer strangeness of the fact that I was watching something originally conceptualized by an accused plagiarist. :)