Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Antaria: Profile: Nesh'tuk of the Seeing Eye

Where the Tajikar tribes normally live in colonies concentrated around certain areas of the Antarian desert, the Seeing Eye shamans hold quite different arrangements. The more powerful Shamans live significantly far apart from each other, scattered across the Wastes, with their only companions being their apprentices and their personal servants.

Deep within the Tajik Wastes, isolated from even the more remote Tajikar settlements, lives Nesh'tuk -- chieftain of the Seeing Eye. While the Shamans do not have a formal grandmaster, no one would possibly dispute Nesh'tuk's hold on such a position.

Few outside the Seeing Eye tribe have actually seen Nesh'tuk. Those few that have seen her describe her as an impossibly old woman, twice bent over with the burden of years and the silver sheen of half-blind eyes. Those few that have seen her also describe the incredible power that lies within Nesh'tuk's form, a power only unleashed when the old chieftain battles the occasional monster nesting in the innermost part of the Wastes.

Nesh'tuk still accepts apprentices, although she is never seen teaching more than one would-be Shaman at a time. More than a few Seeing Eye tribesmen who come of age, in fact, cross the inner desert in the hopes of finding Nesh'tuk and coming under her tutelage. Few are successful, however, such that the ancient woman only receives one student every few years.

Nesh'tuk appears to have little regard for war or politics, and although many of her Seeing Eye brethren have joined the long-standing battles against the Allandrians, she herself will raise no hand in the conflict. It is obvious to most that she is not long for this world, though, and should Nesh'tuk one day take her last breath, her successor will mark his ascendance among the blood of the Tajikar's enemies.

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