Sunday, July 31, 2005

Wishful Thinking

Well, that's it. I'm out of PinoyTopBlog's top 100 blogs. Time to sit back and wait for the August 1 reset to see exactly where I stand.

Not that I'm bitter, mind you. Hey, this blog's only been around for less than a year. The people who have been up for two or three years certainly have a greater amount of experience in this field and a larger accumulated audience. If I manage to last that long, perhaps I'll be able to head somewhere along those lines.

At the moment, I'm busy writing. I've got about two weeks left before the deadline to Dean Alfar's speculative fiction collection, and that doesn't give me a lot of time to shake off two years' worth of short short fiction. I find it ironic, somehow, that I've been working on compressing my stories down to the one-thousand-word level, and then find out that publishers usually want something along the lines of three thousand to six thousand words.

Somebody's also raised the idea of a pitch for a comic mini-series, and I'm desperately looking for the time to put that together as well. My inexperience is probably telling here, but I'm at least hoping to get a synopsis and a six-page script off the printer before the week is out.

That, and I'm playing Minesweeper. You haven't lived till you've managed to complete Intermediate level in 28 seconds. :)

In a stark contrast to my constant efforts at peoples' attention, it appears that my stalker is contacting me again. I've counted at least ten miscalls via cellphone since late this afternoon, and I can only conclude that she must have gotten a new load.

Honest, doc. I'm not making this up. :)

No, I'm not answering her back. I don't even know who the heck she is, after all.

Besides, I'd rather get peoples' attention through my writing. There's just something that feels really wrong about effortlessly drawing people without their knowledge of who you are and what you're like.

Yeah, I'm sure you know the feeling. We're on one side or another, I suppose.

Okay... enough distraction. Back to writing -- I've still got at least nine pages to go...


Dean said...

Looking forward to seeing it, Sean! :)

Anonymous said...

Ang sosyal, may stalker! :) Kidding aside... Good luck sa pag enter mo ng top 100 blogs. Ang about PCIJ's blog... hindi pa kasi ako nakaka-visit dun eh.

Sean said...

Dean: I'm looking forward to seeing it, too, actually. Now if I can only just get started...

Reiji: Well, the PCIJ blog is a fairly good blog. It doesn't give me the impression that I'm reading a newspaper, if that's what you're thinking. The only reason why I don't stop there very often is because I've gotten a little weary of the same old articles showing up in the media nowadays.

eClair said...

Am sure you can finish it, Sean :)

Anyhow, see you on Wednesday for dinner :D Charo will join us. And I hope you got my SMS re: my change in number.